Quality non-negotiable!


Taste and aroma that wins you!


Multivariate grape marc distillate. It is produced and bottled in the MAKRI distillery with very personal work and care. The principle of our distillery starts with the introduction of the best quality raw material selected with personal intervention, care and caution in its good conservation, dedication to the correct distillation based on our good (latest technology) equipment. And in the last and important processing of the distillate with the appropriate and legal means for finishing and bottling the final product.


Our goal is the Greek and European market community, where it is appreciated for its excellent quality, aromatic and spicy taste and purity. Product that is always ready to accompany man in his everyday moments. He starred in moments around the table of appetizers. It accompanies small and big joys and sorrows. It becomes a trademark of the hospitality and the most characteristic Greek of the expression, the healing.